Straatpraatjies III: A Seat at the table

Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 9.51.32 PM15326302_1260305457367535_7900477171110514984_oImage Courtesy Framer Framed

15259189_1260305454034202_2491912528103025370_oImage Courtesy Framer Framed

16299620_1315757798488967_3519714510643788416_oImage Courtesy Judith Westerveld


Image Courtesy Judith Westerveld16251963_1315757575155656_7363864457608985955_o

Image Courtesy Judith Westerveld15288595_1260307470700667_2811204992067844899_o

Image Courtesy Judith Westerveld15250835_1260307487367332_739176945581615381_o

Image Courtesy Judith Westerveld

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