New Metro at Plakkers exhibition

Hoe plak ek die gate van my siel toe?
Die plakkers plak linoleum teen die harde sememt vloere, teen die mure… in die hoop dat ‘n lewe, ‘n leefstyl weer aanmekar geplak kan word.

New Metro is a response to the Plakkers exhibition title and references the carriages of the metrorail train service in South Africa. The carriage façade comprises cut–outs from linoleum tablecloths of different patterns, a typical item in South African working-class households. Indeed, linoleum is central in the attempt of displaced persons to create a semblance of home despite their displacement. The train is thus presented as both private and public space, it’s exterior inviting the viewer with it’s colour; it’s windows revealing a myriad of eyes pasted on the wall behind it. These menacing, judging eyes remind the viewer of their continued surveillance in a city which is increasingly monitored and policed to suit the interests of the wealthy. The Burning Museum asks the question, “what kind of city are we building, and what are we sacrificing, overlooking even forgetting for the sake of a new face, a new metro”

The video To Let is a palimpsest portrait which relives two archives of District Six. The Van Kalker portraiture and the Greshoff architectural archive are juxtaposed, faded and stitched together in a jolting sequence. To Let’s silent soundtrack echoes the silences which still haunt the area.

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To Let
Single channel video -10 minvlcsnap-2014-11-03-23h23m54s181