Manufractured train line pastes

Its been a while…Burning Museum have been quietly plotting and planning in the shadows. Finally, we can unveil our new work called “Manufractured” located for one and all to see. Keep your eyes open when taking the ‘metrovuil’ from Cape Town to Belville…Just saying…You might see some things. Here’s a snit bit snippet… Love, condoms, and the “Native of Nowhere”, out of place, out of context blending pasts and presen(ce)ts in the search for routes and roots.Train lines as story lines… KEEP WATCHING…MORE TO FOLLOW;)

1658139_1509299602643834_484826316767061451_o 10562591_1509306972643097_360431335488939858_o 1655051_1509307049309756_8507363875246123122_o 10688167_1509307125976415_8676928302940911341_o 10293708_1509307199309741_1196898254792740335_o 10321565_1509307232643071_2083924606212325189_o 1292864_1509295355977592_4177676855675994994_o 10708558_1509299725977155_5782204677344124756_o 1911013_1509299772643817_1529171384590319936_o 10010587_1509299939310467_5183947211072511018_o IMAG0580n